Thermaltake is one of those companies that has a perfect name: its products take heat away from your PC's innards. The complicated bits. And now Thermaltake is keen to produce its own PCs (and take the heat away from them, too).

Well, it's built a concept system, and - rather sweetly - Thermaltake would like to know if we (me and you dear reader) think it's a good idea.

You see, Thermaltake's gaming PC uses 'its own microprocessor technology' to keep things cool. Which is important (if a little vague), because its 3GHz dual-core Intel chip is permanently overclocked to 4GHz. So with 'just' a dual-core chip and some high-end memory, Thermaltake reckons it can offer quad-core gaming performance on a budget. It's going to put a few hundred on the market in the UK in the next couple of months and - if all goes well - Thermaltake will be mass-producing supercooled, overclocked gaming machines and punting them into the UK this summer.

And while Thermaltake's overclocked PC may not be the most interesting concept on show at CeBIT, it's comforting to know that such a large, tech-savvy organisation still sees UK users, via the UK IT press, as the perfect testing ground for new ideas.

Overclocked PCs have been tried many times before, of course. But Thermaltake's exisiting product line makes a virtue of quirky style and heat dissapation, so it can offer overclocked machines within a warranty that will appeal to the gaming market.