Dell has launched the Alienware Area 51 750i desktop gaming PC. The £797 inc VAT machine is designed for "hardcore gamers" and comes with up to 2TB of storage.

The Alienware Area 51 750i is based around an nVidia nForce 750i SLI motherboard, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a pair of 1GB nVidia GeForce 280 GX graphics cards.

The Area 51 750i runs 32bit Windows Vista Home Premium. Customers can choose the 64bit version of the operating system if they prefer. Other upgrade options include an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor and either an ATI Crossfire or nVidia SLI dual graphics card setup.

The chassis has illuminated panels and customers can choose the colour they'd prefer theirs to glow. The chassis itself can also be bought in silver, green, black or black. 

The standard 300GB hard disk configuration can be switched for a drive or pair of drives offering a total capacity of 4TB (a pair of 2TB drives installed as a RAID 0 setup). Customers can also opt to have a Blu-ray optical drive.

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"The Area-51 750i promises an experience that will fit your gaming needs and your budget," said Brian Joyce, Alienware senior vice-president.

Prices start from £797 inc VAT for the Alienware Area 51 750i desktop gaming PC.