Speaker specialist Voix is launching a compact travel speaker that can be used with iPods and iPhones. The Voix PYT houses an amplifier and speakers within a black plastic case. It works with both the original and 3G versions of the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPod nano G3.

The Voix PYT surrounds the iPod or iPhone on four sides and can be used to make the gadget it houses stand up vertically or horizontally. Used with the iPod or iPhone on its side, the Voix PYT enables the user to view video and TV content on their phone or digital audio player in comfort.

The Voix PYT can run off a pair of AA batteries or can be powered from the mains. It measures 17x17cm and will cost £34 when it launches in the UK in October.

Voix PYT iPod and iPhone travel speaker