V-Moda has finally announced UK pricing for the V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones it launched in the US two months ago. The Crossfade LP headphones will cost £229.95 and are set to go onsale by the end of July.

V-Moda hopes the Crossfade LP headphones  will strike an electric chord with rock fans and clubbers. Rock star cues include the snakeskin-style ridged case in which they come and the metal frets and shields on the headphones themselves. Adding to the hardcore credentials are claims from V-Moda's head office of the most rigorous and bad-ass testing process mere headphones have ever known.

V-Moda CEO Val Kalton told us the pummelling the individual elements of their products take include a million backwards and forwards stresses on the cable and bending the headstrap in half thousands of time. The V-Moda Crossfire headphones are therefore certified to be virtually indestructible.

Sound-wise, the Crossfades are bass-heavy, as you might expect from headphones without noise-cancelling and aimed at trendy rock fans and clubbers. Even so, V-Moda says the nuances of more subtle audio are also well-provisioned, demonstrating as much with a playlist of tracks from The Eagles as well as the latest indie rock bands. 

The Crossfade LP headphones are designed for use with laptops and PCs across the board but are clearly a fashion statement too. V-Moda's rationale in creating the headphones is to show that fashionable headphones a la Skullcandy and Sony or Bose can be part of your look but also offer superior audio. A UK launch by August is currently slated. 

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