Terratec has announced a new model in its Noxon internet receiver series. The Noxon iRadio for iPod offers both internet radio and an FM tuner and also functions as an iPod dock The catch? It costs £239.

The portable player runs off a pair of 12V batteries and has an antenna that enables it to pick up a broadband connection wirelessly. Alternatively, you can plug it in to a wired network via Ethernet or HomePlug. Radio stations, music and podcasts stored on your iPod or elsewhere on your home network are pumped out by the 5 Watt speaker.

Terratec says the Noxon iRadio for iPod is able to pick up any of more than 10,000 radio stations broadcast via the web, as well as being able to tune in to any FM radio station. Web radio stations are grouped by geographical origin and by musical genre. The setup also provides access to podcasts broadcast online.

Terratec is also pushing the facility to access and play music stored anywhere on your home network so you can enjoy your MP3 albums wherever you are. The portable radio has line out and digital out ports for this purpose.

The Noxon iRadio for iPod comes in black or the original white version Terratec launched last year and weighs 1.1kg. For more details, see www.terratec.co.uk.

Terratec Noxon iRadio for iPod

Terratec Noxon iRadio for iPod

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