Teac has added three new mini MP3 players to its line-up. The MP-550 is a touchscreen model that can play AVI movie clips as well as displaying Jpeg, bitmap and GIF images.

The Teac MP-500 has a 4GB flash memory and is able to show photo slideshows and album art. The player weighs 50g and has a 2.4in colour display. It has an FM radio and a voice recorder and comes with 7 EQ presets. It costs €99 and is available now. A 2GB version is available for €79.

The two other new players in the Teac line-up are smaller yet. The MP-277 weighs 35g and has a 1.8in screen, clickwheel to select songs and, in common with its (relatively) big brother, offers ID3 tag support for songs. As with the Teac MP550, it can play video - in Mpeg4 format - and has both a touchscreen and an FM player and voice recorder. The MP-277 costs €39 for the 1GB version and €79 for the 4GB capacity model.

The Teac MP-233, meanwhile, has a 1.5in display, weighs 25g and plays music but lacks the FM tuner found on the other two mini players. All three can display photos.

TEAC MP550 MP3 player

TEAC MP550 touchscreen video MP3 player