Anyone who spent their youth recording mixtapes will know the name TDK. The audio and video cassette tape company is paying homage to its 80s heyday with the launch of Boombox ghettoblasters and proper turntables, plus some equally retro-themed digital accoutrements.

The TDK Life On Record range includes two- and three-speaker Boombox portable stereos, oversize headphones and a Sound Cube speaker dock that works with iPods and iPhones. The Sound Cube is a meaty-looking speaker that wouldn’t look out of place in a recording studio. In fact, TDK includes a port to plug in a guitar or microphone to create mixes on your iPod.

For those who merely want to listen to music, TDK has launched two belt-driven turntables as part of its Life On Record range. One is a traditional-style 33/45rpm record player with a floating bed to compensate for any warping in the vinyl. The other adds a USB connection and integrated preamp so albums and EPs played on it can be simultaneously recorded for playback on digital devices.

The Sound Cube costs £299, while the turntables cost £299 and £349 respectively.

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