With another bank holiday and some half-decent weather on its way, it seems fitting to tell you about the Soundcast Outcast – a hefty great wireless speaker that equals the hulk of a patio gas heater for awkwardness to move around.

Judging by the demonstrations we were treated to at the recent Digital Summer event in central London, cranking it up to its full 100 Watt volume may be enough to anger the rain gods.

This freestanding tubular speaker has a range of up to 350 feet and is able to play songs stored on any sort of MP3 player including those in an iTunes library. The Soundcast Outcast has an 8in downward firing woofer and works over the 2.4GHz wireless spectrum. It can play for up to 10 hours on a single charge and comes with a recharger for its NiMH battery.

Thankfully, the Outcast is clad in a heavyduty weatherproof plastic casing should the British weather do its worst and the heavens open just as your bank holiday barbecue is getting into its stride.

For UK stockists, see armourhome.co.uk.


• All-weather, outdoor speaker system
• Includes iCast transmitter for use with the Apple iPod
• Allows connection of other audio devices – MP3 players and computers – using the auxiliary input/output jack
• Transmits signals up to 350 feet outdoors
• Features buttons for pause/play and track forward/track back for remote iPod operation
• Easy set-up

Technical features

• One 8in downward firing woofer
• Four 3in high frequency drivers in an omni-directional array
• 100-Watt digital amplifier
• Made of water resistant plastic
• Operates for up to 10 hours on the built-in, rechargeable battery pack
• Internal AC power supply recharges NiMH battery pack and operate the system at the same time
• Transmitters search for open channels in the 2.4GHz band, and instantaneously jump to them – ultimately avoiding interference and allowing for unprecedented sound quality

Soundcast Outcast freestanding wireless outdoor speaker

Soundcast Outcast freestanding wireless outdoor speaker