Sony  has updated its Walkman W Series with the new Sony Walkman W260, designed with keeping fit in mind.

As with the previous sports-focused MP3 player, the Sony Walkman W250, the Walkman W260 is essentially a neckband with a small MP3 player attached. It has been designed such that there are no cables trailing to get in the way, making them perfect for a run or a workout. 

The new Sony Walkman W260 is 25 percent lighter than its predecessor and fits just over your ears like a Bluetooth headset.

Playlists can be created in advance before a workout and it also includes the Sony Zappin song search technology from the previous model, allowing you to hear a short clip from a song before deciding if you want to listen to it.

A quick charge of just 3 minutes provides you with an hour of listening time and on a full charge of about 1.5hours you get around 8 hours of battery life.

They will also stay working through a sweaty workout or rainy weather conditions, leaving no excuse not to keep up your exercise regime.

The NWZ-W262 model can store 2GB of music with the NWZ-W263 offering double the capacity at 4GB. The included Sony “Content Transfer” software allows you to drag and drop your MP3 and other format music from your computer or non DRM-protected songs from an iTunes library.

The Sony Walkman W260 will be available in either a gloss white or black finish  end the end of the month. Sony has not yet announced pricing.