Sony has launched a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, the Sony MDR-NC500D headphones, that cut out up to 99 percent of background noise.

Sony says it has combined digital technology with AI (artificial intelligence) to achieve this level of noise cancellation on the MDR-NC500D headphones.

A processor inside the MDR-NC500D headphones automatically selects one of three cancellation profiles; aircraft, bus and train or office, to suit the ambient noise of the surroundings. Alternatively, users can manually select the cancellation profile that’s most effective for their environment. A monitor switch allows users to listen in to external sounds such as cabin announcements should they want to.

The Sony headphones feature a space-saving foldable design are supplied with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Sony says these offer 15 hours use, although they can also be powered by AA batteries as well.

Prices have yet to be confirmed but the noise-cancelling headphones are available imminently from the Sony Style online store and elsewhere.

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Sony MDR-NC500D noise-cancelling headphones

Sony MDR-NC500D noise-cancelling headphones

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