Speaker and headphone specialist Sennheiser has come up with some new earphones designed to accompany sports fans in their bid to get fit.

The lightweight PMX 380 sports earphones are described as "great for running" as they fit comfortably around the neck and snugly in each ear.

The PMX 380 earphones, at £50 the top-of-the-range option in Sennheiser's five-strong new range, have neodymium-iron drivers and have a back band and sturdy cable.

Each is water- and sweat-resistant and is fit for use in adverse weather conditions and temperatures as low as -10 degrees.

At the lower end of the price scale are the £25 MX 80 Sport II ORANGE and OX 80 earphones, both of which come with a back band and sturdy cable.

All five Sennheiser Sport II headphones are available immediately.

Sennheiser PMX 380 sports earphones