Powerplus Verio Dynamo MP3 player Climate change concerns mean that eco-friendly gadgets that draw less or no power have found a market. But Trevor Bayliss isn't the only name in the wind-up music players field.

Green products company Powerplus has come up with an MP3 player that can be charged without the need for batteries. The Powerplus Verio Dynamo has a 1GB memory and can be wound up if there's no power source available when it needs recharging. Its maker says a minute of winding will provide 15 to 20 minutes of power. Where available, the Verio Dynamo can be plugged in to a USB port on a laptop and draw enough juice to replenish the internal battery.

Music is transferred to the £40 player via USB. It can be bought from eco-store Green Rewards

Powerplus Verio Dynamo MP3 player