Philips has launched new models in its mini MP3 player line-up. The mirrored silver SA2920 and SA2940 have had a makeover and now come with added support for album art.

The two models we've seen so far are the 2GB SA2920 and the 4GB SA2940. The 4GB model costs around £50. The FM radio versions of each player add £5 to the overall price.

They now sport an OLED colour display measuring 1.46in on the diagonal – in other words, just large enough to distinguish between album cover designs and to read onscreen information about the artist and track name.

The Philips 'Spark' GoGear players can play MP3, Windows Media Audio and WAV music files at variable bitrates up to 320kps. Jpeg photos can also be displayed and viewed individually or as a mini slideshow. Philips also crams in an FM radio and a voice recorder.

The Philips players have a 3.5mm headphone port and mini USB 2.0 connection. In-earphones, a protective pouch and a USB cable as well as CD setup disc are included with the players.

An 8GB model costing around £60 is due out in May.

Philips says they should last for 27 hours of music playback before needing to be recharged via USB.

Philips GoGear Spark MP3 players