Philips is adding more video MP3 players to its stable with the announcement today of its SA9345 music, photo and video player. The flash memory-based MP4 player has a 1.8in colour LCD screen and packs a 4GB memory.

The Philips SA9345 will work with Windows Media Player and the DRM (digital rights management) that implies and will be able to store up to 1,000 MP3 or 2,000 WMA (Windows Media Audio) tracks. MP3 bit rates of up to 320kbps and WMA bit rates of up to 192k are supported.

The SA9345 is a touch sensitive little mite on which a drag, gentle tap or swipe of the finger across the screen is used to access photos, videos and songs and to navigate around its menus.

Windows Media Video files are displayed on the Philips SA9345’ 320x240-pixel screen, playing back at up to 30 frames per second. The built-in video converter software automatically transcodes video footage recorded in other formats for playback on the diminutive player.

The Philips SA9345 is available now for £219 including VAT while a 2GB version, the Phiips SA9325, costs £99.

Philips SA9345 MP3, video and photo player

Philips SA9345 MP3, video and photo player