Parrot Philippe Stark Zikmu speaker Renowned product designer Philippe Starck has produced a special edition wireless speaker system for Bluetooth specialists Parrot.

The Zikmu wireless speaker consists of a pair of tapered speakers clad in sleek and shiny plastic, atop which your MP3 player sits majestically. In true Starck fashion, he claims he hasn't designed a speaker but "vibrating air". The result, he says, is a device that plays music "as if by magic".

The Zikmu system uses an NXT speaker panel to generate sound across a wider and more diffuse area than a standard speaker diaphragm. The power of the down-facing subwoofer is amplified by a neodymium magnet.

The Zikmu speakers work using Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth and are compatible with music phones, laptops and PCs with the right wireless credentials (there's an RCA line in for non-wireless use). Zikmu is also an iPod dock for the latest iPod players including the nano and iPod touch as well as the iPhone and iPhone 3G.

Unfortunately, you'll need to trade them all in so you can afford the £1,000 asking price if you want to buy into Parrot's minimalist vision.

Parrot Philippe Stark Zikmu speaker


Parrot Philippe Stark Zikmu