mi-dock mi-football iPod dock As the shops already attest, we're gearing up for Christmas. It's sometimes known as the silly season - and not without reason if this novelty iPod dock is any yardstick.

Known as the mi-football, it consists of a slot at the top for the iPod of your choice and has a pair of omnidirectional 23W speakers built in.

Three colour options mean football fans of several hues can show support for their team, while a trio of supporting 'legs' ensure the mi-football doesn't make an unexpected swoop for the ground. The mi-football comes with a remote control from which volume, bass and treble can be adjusted. Coloured panels on the unit can also be used for playback controls. The mi-football works with other music players as well as iPods and has a line-in cable with which to hook them up.

Manufacturer mi-dock is also set to offer team-branded versions of the £69.99 systems. Mi-dock MD Karl Grimsey said "There is more to the mi-football than meets the eye. Not only does it offer superior sound quality over other iPod speakers on the market in the same price point, it is also visually appealing to football fans everywhere, young and old. Loyal supporters will be able to purchase mi-football's branded with their teams badge before the end of the year, so watch this space."

mi-dock mi-football iPod dock