Klipsch has released a portable speaker system for use with iPods. Klipsch describes the £199 RoomGroove as being a 'zero grief' item. By this we assume they mean it's very easy to set up.

Audio fans can place their iPod in the central dock and enjoy the music and podcasts stored on it throughout their homes. Klipsch says that, despite being a 2.4GHz wireless device, no tricky networking knowledge or complex setup routine is involved.

Instead, you set up the first RoomGroove device as the primary module and extend the setup with additional units as and when you wish. This means that rather than having to take your iPod from room to room to enjoy its contents while you're in the kitchen cooking, the utility room ironing or mooching around your bedroom, you can keep your iPod in the same RoomGroove docking station and hear your music in whichever room you happen to be.

However, it's also possible to access and play back the content from multiple iPods. Given three or more RoomGrooves, you could have one iPod playing a track in one room and another docked iPod playing something else in another room, giving the person in a third location the option of listening to what’s playing on either of the other two devices.

Similar multi-room solutions are available from the likes of Sonos, but these cost significantly more for the base unit or, in the case of hard-wired solutions, cost a lot for installation.

“With intelligent wireless technology and dynamic sound performance, our RoomGroove fills the market gap for a high-quality multi-room music platform that’s designed to be simple to install and operate,” said Tony Ostrom, Klipsch director of product planning. “It’s a product that allows users to easily experience their iPod tunes from room-to-room without being tripped up or tied down.”

The Klipsch RoomGroove is available now for £199 a module from Play.com, amazon.co.uk and other retail outlets.

Klipsch RoomGroove multi-room iPod speaker system

Klipsch RoomGroove multi-room iPod speaker system