Kensington has launched five FM Transmitters in its Play It range that enable MP3 and iPod tracks to be transmitted over an FM frequency directly to a car or home stereo.

Each of the new products have three station presets enabling instant tuning and ClearFM technology for enhanced audio quality.

LiquidFM for iPod plays tracks from your iPod through a car stereo using the car’s cigarette lighter for power. This also allows the iPod to charge while you listen to music. There’s no fear of car battery drain either as the device will switch off when it is not in use.

LiquidFM Plus for MP3 Players makes it possible to play MP3s through your car stereo from any MP3 player or MP3 enabled mobile phone. The QuickSeek technology that has been implemented finds the clearest frequency available in a matter of seconds.

The device also has a USB pass-through which charges an MP3 player or any other USB device. It is also compatible with the iPods Apple launched earlier this month. LiquidFM Deluxe for iPod is compatible with the latest iPods. It also features QuickSeek technology, displays the song title and artist on your stereo’s screen and switches off automatically when your iPod is not in use.

The LiquidFM Portable for MP3 Players is priced at £19.99, LiquidFM for iPod at £49.99, LiquidFM Plus for MP3 Players at £49.99 and LiquidFM Deluxe for iPod will set you back £69.99. The LiquidFM range is available now from various online retailers including Amazon, although the LiquidFM for iPod will not be on the shelves until October.

Kensington LiquidFM Transmitters

Kensington LiquidFM Transmitters