iSkins has started selling a device called miShare that enables users to transfer iPod content from device to device. The £59 sync link is designed to enable users to share iPod content without having to use a computer.

iSkins makes iPod cases and other accessories for Apple products. It can clearly do more than follow the herd and stitch endless pretty or quirky covers to protect your music player from scratches and dings, though.

The miShare neatly solves the problem of everything in your iTunes library being stuck on just your iPod. You can transfer iPod music, video files and even playlists from one iPod to another. The only restriction would be files bought from the Apple store. You can share these but they won't work on the other iPod unless that person shares your iTunes registration account.

Usually, you'd have to attach the iPod to a computer and use a ripping program to copy the songs from the computer and then transfer them to iTunes (and back to the other iPod). The miShare promises to make things much easier.

iSkins miShare dispenses with the faffing involved in this process, providing instead a direct link from one iPod-branded player to another iPod. In effect, the miShare is a go-between between players and operates at the touch of a button. A single click invokes transfer of a single track, while holding down the button for a few seconds lets you browse to and select a whole folder. Images and video can be copied, as well as music.

All current iPods except the Shuffle and the iPod touch and iPhone are supported, but iSkins says it is working on a firmware update to fix compatibility with the latter two.

The miShare device is able to copy any non-DRM (digital rights management)-encoded content from device to device and is intended as a neat and straightforward way of friends sharing playlists of tracks they enjoy or swapping photos and video clips.

Items transferred in this manner are sent to a miShare folder on the destination device.

miShare is available now for £59.99 inc VAT at iSkins.

iSkins miShare gadget for iPods

iSkins miShare gadget for iPods