Watching movies or TV shows on devices such as a iPod video while you’re on the move is becoming more and more popular. Getting the content on to your iPod in the first place can be something of a trial, though. The £99 iRecorder aims to fix this.

Simply plug the sleek, white iRecorder into your TV, where it compress the programmes or movie you choose into an Mpeg4 file. The iRecorder holds on to the video footage until you use its USB socket to connect a device such as an iPod video, Nano, Classic or any other USB device media device that can play Mpeg4s. It then transfers the video to your iPod video, Sony video Walkman or other MP4 player.

The iRecorder offers a cheaper and more effective solution to the age old problem of transferring content. It will record from analog TV, cable, set top box, satellite receiver box, DVD, camcorder or any device that has an RCA jack output which you plug into the iRecorder’s AV-in jack.

The iRecorder also features an AV-out so you can playback your recorded bits on the TV again and a remote control that allows you to set the iRecorder’s timer to record your favourite programmes. Its makers claim that the device can fit three hours of video into each gigabyte of space on your iPod or video MP3 player.

The iRecorder is available from and is priced at £99.95.

The iRecorder is not directly compatible with the iPod touch or the iPhone.
iRecorder add-on for iPod

iRecorder is an add-on for iPods that enables TV programmes and movies to be easily transferred to your portable player