Intempo has announced the RDi-W - an iPod speaker system that can broadcast internet and FM radio.

The glossy black Intempo RDi-W is a docking station for iPods but also connects to a PC or laptop and uses this connection to serve up FM and internet radio stations too. Music and other audio pumped through the Intempp RDi-W speaker and its integrated subwoofer has a maximum output of 30 Watts.

Compatible with all iPods, the Intempo dock will also charge other MP3 players (but not the iPod shuffle).

In FM or internet radio mode, the Intempo device can access around 20,000 different radio stations and web-based podcasts. The device can store 20 radio stations presets for quick access to favourites. Details of the current station are displayed on the 4 line LCD screen on the device.

Internet radio stations can be accessed either via a LAN connection or using the built-in Wi-Fi connection. Music stored on a PC can be streamed over these connections.

The Intempo device also has an SD card reader and USB port and can be used to play tracks stored on a memory card or USB stick. It also has the ability to stream music stored on a PC.

The device comes with a remote that allows users to pause, play and skip audio tracks, change radio stations and even adjust the treble and bass.

Available from the end of September, the Intempo RDi-W will be priced at £169.99 and will be sold through

Intempo RDi-W internet radio and iPod dock