If you want to watch videos on your iPod or iPhone while its docked, by find tilting your head uncomfortable, the Intempo Phono spherical iPod speaker could be just what you're looking for.

The speaker features a rotating dock making it easy for users to watch videos on their digital music player.

Available in black or white, users can simply slot their iPod or iPhone into the dock. It can then be rotated through 90 degress, so the digital music player lies horizontal - ideal for watching video clips.

The Phono also features a built-in FM radio with 20 presets, an alarm clock with sleep-timer and snooze facilities and a backlit LCD screen that displays the EQ settings, treble, bass and volume.

Available in black or white and complemented by silver dials and buttons that allow users to control the iPod, alarm and radio, the dock benefits from a 20Watt speaker through which users can enjoy music stored on an iPod or iPhone.

However, music will automatically stop if the iPhone rings, so users can answer the call immediately without worrying about stopping the music. The dock will also charge your iPod or iPhone.

"The sound quality is impressive with a good balanced acoustic performance for both video and music tracks. There's no need to set your iPhone to flight mode as there is no static kick-back when it's charging and the rotating dock is the perfect touch for when you want to view online videos," said Amandeep Randhawa, marketing manager for Intempo.

The Intempo Phono comes bundled with a remote control and is expected to cost £99. It will be available in December.

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