Intempo has launched a new speaker dock for iPod users that combines a "room-filling" sound - pumping out 35 Watts - with a budget-friendly price tag of £99.

Given the musicians Intempo product manager Gareth Thomas lists in his description of the InConcert iPod speaker dock, we guess it's aimed at a young, hip customer.

"The twin midrange speakers and integrated subwoofer mean it's equally suited to all styles of music. The crisp, clear midrange picks out ambient atmospherics from the likes of Lemon Jelly and Aphex Twin as easily as it can punch out bass and breaks from Dizzee Rascal, while keeping the lyrics sharp."

Intempo includes a remote control with the speaker dock so there's no need to approach the unit in order to select a new track on your iPod. A mini USB connection and a line-in jack mean the InConcert can also be used to play the iTunes tracks on your PC or laptop.

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Intempo InConcert iPod speaker dock