Just what you need in this inclement weather - no, not an umbrella, but some waterproof speakers. You may josh, but Hercules' i-XPS 120 speakers are better equipped than we are for hanging about in the wet.

Hercules has had the i-XPS 120s certified for the iPod (the 'made for iPod' badge on iPod accessories offering Apple's stamp of approval). According to the details we were given, the i-XPS 120 Outdoor speakers are the first of their kind to be "officially certified as resistant to water and dust particles" and have thus earned IP 53 certification.

This essentially means they've undergone some thorough testing and been roughed up by an independent testing lab and proved their mettle.

The Hercules speakers are powered by four size C batteries but can be powered via the cigarette lighter socket in a car if you want to be entertained as you drive. An adapter is supplied along with the £99 inc VAT speaker dock.

Hercules isn't afraid of upsetting the neighbours (or whoever is sat in the passenger seat), either. These speakers can kick out 12 Watts of RMS audio. The i-XPS 120 doubles as an iPod dock and is compatible with 30GB, 60GB and 80GB iPod Classics as well as the iPod mini and the first three generations of iPod nano.

Other MP3 players can be attached to the Hercules speaker setup via a line-in connection.

It’s a bit of shame these weren’t doing the rounds this summer but should you be heading off for a bit of unseasonable sunshine by the sea or sloping off to the mountains, this heavy duty iPod speaker dock could be just the ticket.

For more details, see www.hercules.com.

Hercules i-XPS 120 speakers

Hercules i-XPS 120 speakers