H20 Audio has unveiled a pair of iPod accessories designed for use when deep-sea diving. The iDive 300 iPod case and accompanying waterproof earphones can be used at depths of up to 300ft (hence the name, presumably) or 90 metres.

H20 Audio specialises in waterproof products and says it is the first company to bring to market a product suitable for use in deep diving conditions. The products are certified 'Made for Apple' and can be used with both clickwheel and touchscreen iPods

The iDive earphones are secured by virtue of being 'over the ear' cans, while H20 Audio has managed to design the waterproof case for the iPod such that all the player's controls can be operated while under water.

Its maker explains, "The iDive 300 works through placing the iPod inside. The locking cam knob, robust seal and durable polycarbonate construction ensure the iPod stays dry while delivering high quality audio during the dive."

Judging from the tranquil picture painted by the press release accompanying news of the iDive 300s, the idea is that you watch brightly-coloured fish and other harmless marine life swim gently by to the accompaniment of some appropriately tranquil melody.

Our first reaction was, 'if you've got these earphones clamped to your ears and are 90 metres down, how on earth will you hear your fellow divers' screams if a shark approaches?'

Perhaps we're best suited to desk jobs rather than adventuring, after all.

Full details of the £299 iDive 300 earphones and waterproof iPod case can be found at h20audio.co.uk.

H20 Audio iDive 300 waterproof iPod accessories