Gear4 has launched the Duo - £149 home speaker system for iPods that features a detachable portable speaker.

The 2.1 system comprises a bass unit with a 20W subwoofer and a satellite speaker with four tweeters and an 18W output, offering a total of 38W. The two can be used together, or alternatively the satellite can be removed from the base unit to create a portable speaker, which can be used in other areas of the house or the garden.

When docked on the bass unit, the satellite’s lithium-ion battery is charged, ensuring it can offer up to nine hours of sound.

The satellite speaker runs off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that recharges whenever the Gear4 Duo is attached to the mains, making it permanently ready for portable use.

Sporting a sleek black finish, the Gear4 Duo features a retractable iPod dock and an optional travel pack that includes a protective carry case and an additional battery. The Gear4 Duo is priced £149.99.

Gear4 Duo iPod speaker dock

Gear4 Duo iPod speaker dock can be powered from the mains or separated from the main speaker unit and used as a portable speaker