gear4 has unveiled two new alarm clock radios that feature a dock to charge for an iPod or iPhone.

The CRG-70W is a cube-shaped device with two cube satellite speakers that can be connected to the alarm clock unit to form a single rectangular device. Alternatively, the speakers can be separated from the main unit and positioned wherever you want them.

The gear4 CRG-70W has an FM radio with 6 programmable station presets and a dimmable LCD display. It has two alarms that can each be set to wake users up to radio, iPod, iPhone or buzzer. A line-in port can be used to connect the CRG-70W to other music players.

The second new gear4 product is the CRG-200W. This has two docks so both an iPod and an iPhone can be docked at once. It supports multiple alarms from several sources including the FM radio, buzzer, iPod or iPhone. The CRG-200W also has an FM radio with 30 programmable station presets.

Like the CRG-70W, the CRG-200W also comes with a dimmable LCD display and a line-in port. However, it also comes with a video-out port that allows the device to be connected to a TV, so users can enjoy video content on their iPod or iPhone through the TV.

Available from the gear4 store in August, the CRG-70W is priced at £49.99, while the CRG-200W costs £79.99.

gear4's CRG-70W has speakers that can be positioned wherever you like


The CRG-200W from gear4



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