Freecom (maker of modems, external hard disks and other useful computer essentials), has been demonstrating its MusicPal wireless internet radio receiver. The MusicPal offers access to more than 5,000 online radio stations and can also be used as an MP3 player and alarm clock.

In common with other internet radios, the Freecom MusicPal is being promoted as a way of extending home users’ enjoyment of web radio – something that has proved extremely popular with consumers – as well as enabling them to free the digital music stored on their portable MP3 players.

Online radio continues to be cited by a large percentage of PC Advisor readers as one of their favourite uses of broadband. As Wi-Fi networks around the home become more commonplace, so gadgets to take advantage of wireless setups have come on stream. Crucially, many of these – the MusicPal among them - are being marketed as devices that don’t need a PC in order to function. They simply require an active wireless connection and can be used anywhere in range, from the bedroom or lounge to the kitchen.

Freecom claims the MusicPal can be set up in less than 25 seconds. A vTuner feature is designed to make it quick and easy to locate and select radio stations. The MusicPal also offers an RSS (really simple syndication) feed, providing access to blogs and news feeds.

An Ethernet port is included as well as 802.11b and g Wi-Fi. The Freecom MusicPal will also be able to stream and play music from a home hi-fi system.

It should retail for around £89 including VAT. See

Freecom MusicPal internet radio

Freecom MusicPal internet radio