Edifier has unveiled Luna 5 - a stylish speaker system for iPods, iPhones and other MP3 players. Tracks stored on a digital audio player are played through the Luna's 55 Watt three-way, five-driver speaker system.

The silver and black speaker system has six touch-sensitive buttons that allow tracks to be skipped forwards and backwards as well as paused and even offer access to the FM radio that also features on the speakers system.

Ediifer Luna 5 speake iPod and iPhones can be connected using the dock, located on the top of the device, which will also charge them while MP3 players and MP3-enabled mobile phones can be connected using the auxiliary port. The Luna 5 also comes bundled with a remote control.

Available now from Dabs.com, the Edifier Luna 5 is priced at £199.99.