Digital radio maker Intempo today announced a change of tack with the launch of its first internet radio. The Intempo GX-01 works over Wi-Fi or a LAN (local area network) and allows users to tune in to any of more than 5,000 radio stations that are broadcast on the web.

A limited number of on-demand radio stations as well as those broadband in Real Audio or accessible via Windows Media Player can be tuned into on the GX-01.

Internet radio has become more and more popular as more and more homes enjoy fast, always-on broadband connections and set up their own home networks. A number of manufacturers now sell internet radios, from Terratec with its Noxon iRadios to Pinnacle, Acoustic Energy and Intempo.

Intempo says its GX-01 will enable radio fans to expand the range of stations they tune in to without needing to have their PC switched on. The GX-01 has a built-in alarm clock and a USB port so users can plug in a memory stick containing pre-recorded tracks they want to listen to. Intempo has also included an Ethernet port.

Intempo GX-01 internet radio

Intempo GX-01 internet radio

Radio stations and song details are displayed on an integrated LCD. Playlists and favourite stations can be stored by the Intempo GX-01’s memory. Step-by-step instructions scroll across the LCD explaining how to add these presets.

Intempo has carved out a name for itself with its mains and battery-powered DAB (digital audio broadcast) radios, going head to head with the other big names in DAB, Pure and Roberts Radio. The latter two companies have made a success of DAB largely through their retro radio designs reminiscent of the 1930s to 1950s.

Intempo, on the other hand, has mainly pitched itself at the digital music player audience, with DAB radios in all-white, shocking pink and shiny black finishes. Of late, it has moved into the digital audio accessories market with iPod docks and speakers for MP3 players such as the RDX-01 [link] launched earlier this summer.

The £120 Intempo GX-01 internet radio is available now from, Argos and Tesco Direct.