Creative has added a new model to its line-up of Zen-branded MP3 players. The Creative Zen Mozaic can play music and videos and display photos. Pricing starts at £49.

Creative describes the Zen Mozaic as a "bold design statement that reflects the user's sense of fashion and individuality".

The Creative Zen Mozaic measures 80x40x13mm and has a built-in speaker. It has a 1.8in colour LCD display, an FM radio with 32 presets, a voice recorder, an alarm clock and a calendar.

Creative says that up to 32 hours of music can be enjoyed before the Mozaic needs to be recharged.

The Zen Mozaic video MP3 player comes in silver, pink or black and in 2GB, 4GB or 8GB versions. A 16GB model planned is for release in the autumn.

Bundled with a USB cable and earphones, the Zen Mozaic has its own onboard media manager. The Creative Centrale application organises and intelligently tags music, photos and video, creates playlists and transcodes video to the proprietary video format.

"This refreshingly new design concept, together with the superb sound quality that is synonymous with our Zen series of players, makes the Zen Mosaic a must-have fashion accessory for music, photos and video on the go," said Creative's European sales director Dennis Dress.

The 2GB Creative Zen Mozaic costs £49.99 while the 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions cost £59.99, £79.99 and £119.99 respectively.

Creative Zen Mozaic video MP3 player

Creative Zen Mozaic video MP3 player