Cowon has unveiled the O2 32GB portable media player. The flash memory-based music and video player is available in either black or white and costs around £200.

The Cowon 02 has a 4.3in LCD screen and can be bought in 16GB and 32GB capacities. The 16GB model costs £209 while the 32GB model has an RRP of £249. The 02 player supports a number of different video formats including AVI and WMV and is able to play HD video.

Cowon says users should expect a video playback time between charges of at least 8 hours. The use of flash memory, rather than a hard disk, makes the Cowon 02 more practical as a portable player as it has no internal mechanisms to skip or jar.

Photos can be displayed on the media player's screen and can be read direct from a removable memory card. The 02 recognises both standard and high capacity Secure Digital memory cards up to capacities of 32GB. This takes the total storage capacity of the Cowon 02 to either 48GB or 64GB.

Available now from Amazon, the 16GB O2 is priced at £209 while the 32GB version costs £249.

The Cowon O2 comes in black and white