Bose has updated its Wave Music System range with a unit that is able to play CDs including MP3 discs and that comes with both an AM/FM tuner and a DAB digital radio. The £499 Wave Music System DAB comes with a slot-loading CD drive and a remote control.

When it launched its original Wave Music System some three years ago, Bose’s micro speaker system was hailed for its ability to project sound. Bose says its proprietary waveguide speaker technology is responsible for reproducing low musical notes without the need for a large physical unit. This is something that ought to be particularly effective on the Music System DAB given the exceptional clarity of digital radio broadcasts.

Hardly a budget option at £499, owners of existing Wave music dock systems can instead buy a £149 Wave DAB module to connect to it.

A remote control is included and can be used to control any module in the Bose setup. In this respect, the Bose Wave music system is similar to another well-known audio specialist, Sonos, which sells sets of connecting controllers and terminal units with speakers enabling access to music from several locations around the home.

Bose was founded in 1964 by Massachusetts Institute of Technolgu professor Dr Amar G Bose. As well as designing audio products, the company is well-known for its research in the field of acoustics. Bose was the first company to introduce noise-reducing headphones - initially for pilots and later for consumers wanting to enjoy music playback without external interference.

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Bose Wave Music System DAB

Bose adds DAB radio functionality to its Wave Music System range with the £499 digital audio module