Belkin RockStar is an odd sort of product, but is the sort of audio accessory that could work well between friends. The £9 device offers a way of sharing music by connecting two or more sets of earphones to the same MP3 player.

Why would you want to do that? Well, if you've ever tried to get a friend to listen to a new track on your iPod, you'll see where Belkin is coming from. You’ve either got to give them the iPod and let them listen to the track themselves or have one earphone each. Hardly a satisfactory way of experiencing new music and one that doesn't do full justice to the quality of the track since you can only listen to it in mono.

The Belkin RockStar addresses exactly this issue by allowing a combination of MP3 players and headphones to be connected together. Choose between connecting up to five pairs of headphones to one digital audio player to share music. You can also add another MP3 player to the setup and create your own mixes.

The RockStar device has five ports to which headphones or MP3 players can be attached, plus one hard-wired connection for the MP3 player. It also comes bundled with cable to attach another MP3 player. Available from April, the Belkin RockStar is priced at €14.99 (£9.99)

Belkin RockStar MP3 player accessory

Belkin RockStar MP3 player accessory

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