The iPod nano has been updated yet again, shrinking by more than 40 percent and dropping in weight to a mere 21g. A clip on the nano's rear makes it easy to attach to clothing. Apple has given the nano a new spin as a fitness-focused player that is designed to be worn on your wrist. An onboard Pedometer records your steps, helping you keep track of your training goals. Nike+ support has also been added. Compatible Nike gear and a sensor in your running shoes allow you to record your runs.

The 2011 nano also gains multi-touch support and can be gripped between finger and thumb and menu items on the 1.5in (240x240-pixel) display easily flicked through. Tapping the cover of an album that's playing brings up playback controls. The multi-touch function is mainly of use for zooming in on photos stored on its 8GB or 16GB memory, but also lets you rotate onscreen icons and rearrange their layout. 

Playlists can be built using iTunes, but can also be generated automatically by the Genius Mix feature that finds similar music and presents them in a playable suggestion list. Shaking the nano shuffles the playlist. The only iPod with an FM radio, the nano has an onscreen radio tuner that you flick to change stations. A tap lets you add the current station to your Favourites list. Apple cites a playback time of around 24 hours before the nano needs to be recharged. 

The 8GB iPod nano costs £115 while a 16GB version costs £129 inc VAT. Available in a choice of seven anodised steel finishes, the iPod nano is available from today from