Music video directly to your laptop for free is the promise of Vevo and that is exactly what it offers. However, it’s much more wide-ranging and useful - as well as access to music video there is exclusive content from new up and coming bands as well as content from established artists.

The app itself makes the very most of the new Windows interface, making it really easy to get to the music you want. Video plays full-screen and in impressive quality so if you have the latest touchscreen laptop you’ll really get the most from the content on offer.

To make things simple you can see what’s hot right now and choose from a variety of premiers and top videos. See which music video has been viewed the most or scout around for some unloved classics.

Vevo is a bit like a modern day MTV with actual music videos and access to an enormous back catalogue of options. The Vevo app puts you in control and there are none of those annoying video DJs getting in the way of the music. It’s not just perfectly polished music videos though as there’s also access to festival and live performance recordings too.

Of course, this being a social app there are options for Facebook integration and you can review videos to let all your friends know exactly what you think of the latest Tinie Tempah offering.

All the music video is free on Vevo, though there is advertising to help fund the service. The application is really well thought out and easy to use and finding all the content is impressively easy. There is loads of exclusive content too as well as a back catalogue of videos to watch. From the latest Snoop Lion to classic Justin Timberlake there’s always something on offer.

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