With the rise of social media the desire to know what’s going on where, who has liked what and tweeted about that has grown exponentially. With all the different sites and applications we use giving off their chirps and tweets things could get out of hand. Notifications in Windows 8 take the form of a small bar at the top right of the screen that floats in and out to let you know something has happened without getting in the way of your work.

Windows 8 lets you corral all your application notifications with ease. Go to the Settings charm and then click on Change PC settings. When the PC settings window opens click on Notifications.

There are three main toggle switches to choose from. You can turn all notifications off completely so you’re never bothered by an email or tweet until you want to be. The next option is to restrict notifications in the lock screen. Finally, and perhaps most likely to be set to the off position is the notification sounds toggle. Turn off the chirp that accompanies a new notification here.

Underneath the three main notification options are a list of apps that can utilise notifications. Beside each application is a slider switch and to activate or turn off notifications for these individual apps you simply have to make your choice. For example, if you’d like to keep calendar notifications on, but turn the ones for email off it’s all done through the simple switches here.

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