Windows 8

Here's how to print several images on one sheet, using Windows 8.

QUESTION How can I print more than one picture per sheet? Not more than one of the same picture, but different pictures on the same sheet. I did it with Photo Wizard before, but so far I haven't figured this out with Windows 8. Any help would be appreciated.

HELPROOM ANSWER We're not sure exactly how you're going about this, but one simple way to print several different images on one sheet is to open up a file explorer window and browse to the folder where your images are stored.

Now select the images you want to print, either by dragging a marquee around them or selecting them individually by holding Ctrl while clicking on each in turn.

Now right-click and select Print. From here you can select from a menu of layouts, among which will be multi-image options. Select one of these to print out different images on a single page. (This method also works in Windows 7 and Vista.)

You will need your chosen images to be in the same folder to achieve this. If they aren't, you can make a temporary folder and place copies in there before printing. Alternatively, you could add your various picture folders to your pictures library and print the images from there. That way you won't need to copy any files around or make temporary folders.

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