Keeping your computer up-to-date can be a real pain. You put your laptop to sleep or in to standby mode and then when you want to work again you have to wait for all your emails, meetings and social media updates to come through before you can start. Inevitably you end up with loads of emails to download just when you want to jump on quickly and get working.

The problem is that if you constantly open up your laptop to go online and keep everything updated you inevitably drain the battery and lose out precious processing time. There’s little point having an all-powerful laptop capable of everything from simple word processing and high-end video editing if the battery is drained. All you have then is a lump to lug around to the nearest power point.

The industry has been working hard on reducing the power a laptop uses and on improving battery performance over the years. One of the latest ideas from Intel is a truly bright way of increasing the life of your battery and keeping your PC up-to-date all in one go.

Smart Connect is a simple idea - you put your computer to sleep and every so often it wakes up to check for any changes. Currently it works with applications like Outlook and Seesmic. The system is intelligent and even if you’re on the move it can connect to wireless networks without needing your input. To keep things secure they’ll have to be access points you trust.

When your battery is running low Smart Connect will automatically reduce the frequency with which it updates though you can still manually select how often it checks for data. Intel Smart Connect is a simple way of keeping on track and up-to-date whilst maximising your laptop power and it helps you to get on with things as soon as you lift your laptop lid.

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