Among the features from Windows Vista that the latest iteration of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 7, that the tech giant took and built-upon is Aero. According to Microsoft, the feature which in Windows Vista initially offered users a new glass-like design, now "mixes cool graphics with useful new ways to manage your desktop".

Not only can the colour of the glass of Windows being customised by the user (check out How to change the Windows glass colour in Windows 7 for more information) , Aero also offers previews of windows and the ability to use Shake and Peek to quickly minimising open windows or make them invisible. Meanwhile, Snap let you resize open windows.

Here's how to use the Aero features in Windows 7.

Step one
To reveal an icon sized preview of the Windows open on your PC, simply hover your cursor over the icon in the taskbar. This will display each of the windows open for this program. If you then move the cursor to a specific thumbnail, it will display a preview the same size as the actual window while making everything else on the desktop invisible, leaving you with just your desktop background and the window you required.

Step two
Aero Peek "gives you the power of X-ray vision" according to Microsoft. Simply move your cursor to the far right-hand corner of the Taskbar and all open windows will immediately become transparent leaving you with just your Windows desktop.

Step three
To use the Aero Shake feature, which instantly clears your desktop if there are lots of Windows open apart from the one you're using, simply click the top of your window and then holding down the mouse button shake gently and see the windows disappear to the taskbar. If you repeat the movement the windows will pop-up again.

Step four
Aero Snap is the final of the Aero features and lets you resize open windows. Simply drag an open window to the edge of your desktop and watch it increase or decrease in size. To reverse the action, just drag it towards the edge of the desktop again.