After altering Msconfig settings on his Windows PC, a reader began experiencing the Blue Screen of Death. Trouble is, how do you change such settings, when the BSoD happens before the option to boot into Safe Mode? Our expert advises.

QUESTION I altered some settings in Msconfig, and everything worked fine after a reboot. However, following an overnight shutdown, Windows began displaying the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). I can’t change the settings back as this occurs just before the option to boot into Safe mode appears. What can I do other than reinstall Windows? Julian Challenge

HELPROOM ANSWER Reinstalling Windows will resolve this problem, Julian; you can find advice on how to reinstall Windows here. However, when you have a previously working system that will no longer boot into Safe mode, an alternative fix is to select ‘Last known good configuration’ from the Windows Advanced Boot Options. If this menu isn’t presented to you when the PC starts up, bring it up by pressing F8 as the system boots.

If this doesn’t work, try running Windows Startup Repair. Boot the PC from a retail Windows 7 installation or system repair disc if you have one. Alternatively, if your PC has a recovery partition, select ‘System recovery options’ from Advanced Boot Options.

Startup Repair will search your system for problems that may be preventing it from successfully booting up. Once the process is complete, click ‘View diagnostic and repair details’ to see what it has done.

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