This month our Helproom editor helps readers with upgrading a speeding up a Vista PC, making MP3s play properly, PC peripherals that won't behave, and how to find out if your Windows install is dodgy.

So let's get on with the questions, and remember you can get free tech support 24/7 in the PC Advisor Helproom Forum.

Reader Marcus Toney kept seeing a Google Update error message every time he booted up. Our Helproom editor showed him How to solve Google Update installation errors.

Barry Raper, meanwhile, was being plagued by a very specific error message, every time he used his Windows XP system. We showed him how to fix problems with Fast User Switching caused by 'RtlGina2.dll'.

One question that is asked surprisingly often is if it is possible to print out a directory listing with important data such as file name, comments, album title etc. Sadly, as we told Steve Vogt it isn't possible. Happily, with a third-party app, you can print out a directory listing with file properties.

What to do when your MP3 files just won't play properly? We told Colin Bulman how to stop MP3 files skipping or jumping.

Melanie Bryant wrote to us to say "Help! My wireless mouse and keyboard are slow". We solved her problem.

A similar cry for help came from Craig Langdon. A huge chunk of his emails had gone missing from Outlook, and we showed him how to find missing and archived Outlook emails.

Steve Hattersley was enduring all sorts of problems with his 64-bit installation of Apple iTunes. When he said "neither iTunes nor Windows Media Player will play my audio CDs", we helped him troubleshoot the problem.

Ever wanted to know how to print emails from Outlook Express? Ray Sparkes did. And now he knows.

And we finish with two key Windows complaints. Clare Turner had a Windows 7 licence that Microsoft said was dodgy. We showed her how to check that your Windows licence is legal. Geoff, on the other hand, asked something we've been asked more times than almost any other question. We showed him how to speed up Windows Vista boot times.

Bonus: Finally - just for, er, fun - we showed you how to uninstall Internet Explorer 9.