Windows has certainly made us much more social that we ever used to be, Twitter friends and followers are found all over the world and applications like Skype and Facebook allow for easy communications between those we know and love no matter where they are. The cornerstone of social media is, of course, sharing and Windows 8 has sharing built right in to the interface.

Let’s say you have a load of pictures saved to your SkyDrive folder all you have to do is open the app in Windows 8 and then click on the folder. Once you’ve done that you go to the charm bar – if you’re using a laptop without a touch screen move your mouse pointer to the bottom right corner and it’ll pop up, click on Share and the various sharing options open to you will show up. The more apps you have installed the larger the range of sharing options will be, but say you want to email a link to someone just click on Mail and a new message will open with the relevant link already there.

If you want to use other compatible sharing apps then you can hide any of the apps you don’t want to use by changing the options in the Settings charm. By default the five most regularly used sharing apps will be shown, but again you can edit this to show more or less options in settings. You can also clear the list if you need to reset it for any reason. In addition, you can turn sharing off for any application individually by clicking on the appropriate slider.

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