The new breed of Windows 8 touchscreen laptops make portable computing even more flexible and useful. In most situations the touchscreens are great for quick navigation and for those times when you just want to sit back and surf the web. However, there are other ways you can use the new capabilities to help you create on the go.

Of course, your fingers are the best way to get things done on a touchscreen laptop. Swipe, tap and use all the various gestures to control Windows 8 easily.
This is great for general usage, but sometimes you need a little more close control. The accuracy and speed of using a mouse to point and click is something that’s yet to be surpassed even with highly sensitive touchscreens.

You don’t want to be carrying round a mouse, so consider a stylus. Many new Windows 8 touchscreen devices come with a stylus included, but you can buy one to use with your laptop too.

A stylus can be much more than a simple pointing device. If you’re a designer or a bit of an artist then using a stylus on screen is a great way of getting more done in a natural way. Levels of sensitivity and pressure are accurately determined by different applications so your results look just as you would expect from the real thing. You can also position the screen so that it’s comfortable for you instead of having to sit hunched over a desk with mouse in hand.

Whatever your artistic passions a Windows 8 tablet with a touchscreen can offer you the best of all worlds in that you have a traditional PC with a variety of options. Add a stylus and your laptop becomes a digital artists’ powerhouse that can be used in a variety of locations and gives you complete control over how you work.

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