Research in Motion (RIM) recently launched BlackBerry Bridge along with BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. The Bridge feature connects any BlackBerry smartphone to the PlayBook over Bluetooth to be used for different functions.

Once connected the PlayBook can be controlled by the BlackBerry handset for navigation and input including text. It can also be used for additional things like to internet tethering, file sharing and accessing the phone’s apps like BlackBerry Messenger.

Step One
Install the BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 app on the BlackBerry smartphone via the BlackBerry App World. This can be done by searching the store or scanning a QR code displayed on the PlayBook. Failing this navigate to in the smartphone’s browser.

BlackBerry Bridge 2.0

Step Two
Navigate to the BlackBerry Bridge settings by the drop down menu on the PlayBook. Do this by gesturing down above the screen or by clicking in the gear icon in the top right hand corner next to the battery indicator.

Step Three
Hit the Setup button within the BlackBerry Bridge menu.

BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 Setup

Step Four
Give your PlayBook a name and click the Next button.

BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 Name

Set Five
If BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 is installed on the smartphone then click Continue. Otherwise this is where the QR code can be accessed by clicking Install Now.

BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 Continue

Step Six
The two devices can be paired by opening the BlackBerry Bridge app on the smartphone and scanning the QR code displayed on the PlayBook. A manual pairing can also be performed if the QR code method fails.

BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 QR Code

Step Seven
Select which items you want to be able to access from the PlayBook and click Continue.

BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 Items

Step Eight
Once the pairing is complete click Done on the PlayBook. A BlackBerry Bridge folder is created in the apps menu and the BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 feature is ready to be used.