With convertible laptops like the Dell XPS 12 the all round flexibility of the humble portable has increased markedly. Of course, when you need to be working the design allows for it but with the simple twist to the tablet format you have a totally different beast.

One of the advantages of making your laptop into a tablet is that you can do a host of things with the PC that you might never have previously considered. Take, for example, reading a book. You can read a book on a laptop, however, the format is just wrong, the keyboard gets in the way and you simply can’t sit back and get comfortable. Now, though, with a laptop in tablet mode you can easily get into a more comfortable reading posture and the massive improvement in screen technology and battery power means the idea is just a lot more feasible.

Now that the technology has caught up there are a host of applications to help you get the most from your reading. Naturally, the first port of call for books is probably the Kindle application. This Windows 8 optimised application allows you to download eBooks and manage your library too. If you already have a Kindle you’ll be able to sync your accounts so that you always have your library with you. If you read on a few different devices there’s no need to ever lose your page as each device will know exactly how far you’ve read.

As well as the Amazon Kindle app there are other eBook options that give you access to loads of books and reading content from a huge range of sources. Just search the Windows 8 App Store for books and magazines to see what’s available.

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