How to change default search engine on Chrome

We explain how to change the default search engine in the Google Chrome web browser.

Google Chrome is a great web browser - light on your system, and customisable without some of the bloat that affects other browsers. And, because it is Google software, Google (download it here) works well with Google Search. The main address bar doubles as a search engine bar, for instance - it's sometimes referred to as the 'Omnibox'.

Even so you may want to change the default search engine from Google to Bing, or to include a more specialist search engine. Or your browser may have been taken over by a dodgy toolbar or software download you installed, that has in turn changed the default search engine to one of many Google, Bing or Ask derivatives designed to earn money for 'free' software makers.

Here then, is how to change the default search engine on Google Chrome. You'll still be able to manually select other search engines (and browse to those search engines on the web).

Change default search engine on Chrome

1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar, it looks like three short horizontal lines and is situated at the extreme top righthand corner of your browser window.

Chrome Menu

2. Scroll down and select 'Settings'.

Chrome Menu Settings

3. Now scroll down to find the 'Search' section.

Chrome Menu Settings Search

4. Next select the search engine you want to use from the drop-down menu. If the search engine you want is there, that's it!

Chrome Menu Settings Search Select Search Engine

5. If the search engine you want to use doesn't appear in the menu, however, you have to add it. Click Manage search engines.

Manage Search Engines

6. Now you'll see the Search Engines dialog: it should be a long list. Select the search engine you'd like to use, and click the Make Default button that appears in the row when you highlight it.

Select New Search Engine from listr

7. If you can't see the search engine you want in the list, you may need to add a new one. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see an input field titled 'Add a new search engine'. You add the name of your search engine, plus a keyword description and a URL. So long as the URL is for a genuine search engine you will see 'Make Default' when you select your new search engine. Click that and you have changed your default search engine to an entirely new one.

Add new search engine

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