When you’re away from the office and urgently need to do some work it’s inevitable that you won’t have your laptop with you. Even if you can get access to a PC there’s no guarantee it will have the applications you need installed on it.

Now, however, you can get tools such as Microsoft Word no matter where you are. The Word Web App is Microsoft’s online tool that gives you a recognisable version of Word to use wherever you can get online. It’s not the full version of Word, but it does offer you just about everything you’d need for a basic document.

The Word Web App opens in any browser, but it works best in Internet Explorer, naturally. The main interface gives you the recognisable ribbon display and the choices you see there are, in looks at least, identical to those you find in the full Word app.

Though the Word Web App has fewer features than the full Word software you can still create advanced documents with controls over a host of fonts, alignment options, styles and page layout choices. Click on the Insert tab and you can add a table, picture, clip art or web link. There’s a word count displayed at the bottom of the document to help you keep on track and a spell checker with multiple language support. With each file stored automatically on your SkyDrive the document is immediately available anywhere. When you’re back in the office you can open the files directly or import them into the full Word app.

No matter where you are you can get your work done with nothing more than the Word Web App and a computer with a net connection. Whether it’s urgent work when you’re away from your PC or to write a holiday journal on the hotel PC the Word Web App can keep you productive on the road.

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