A reader wrote in because every time he booted his PC, he was faced with a message saying the Google Update installation had failed. Our Helproom editor solves the problem...

QUESTION For the past week, every time I boot up my PC I get the following error message: 'Google Update installation failed 0xa0430606'. I'm using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Marcus Toney

HELPROOM ANSWER Although you're using Firefox rather than Google Chrome, this message is produced by Google's update process. It's trying to update a Google application or one of the many utilities provided by Google Pack, such as RealPlayer or Adobe Reader.

The error can result from the service being disabled during bootup. This can occur if you've attempted to tune your bootup sequence using a utility such as Soluto.

If you don't use any Google programs, resolve the problem by uninstalling them from your machine. If you'd rather keep them, ensure that the Google Updater Service is configured to run at startup.

In Windows 7, type services.msc into the Start menu Search box, then press Enter. Right-click the Google Updater Service in the window that appears and select Properties. Change the startup type from Manual to Automatic, press Ok and reboot.

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