When it comes to sharing large files with friends, family or business associates, sometimes it can cause a headache. You could email them but then you risk clogging up an email account. However, online storage and share servics allow you to place the file in a secure folder on the web and then grant others permission to access this folder. In this case we used Dropbox as it's simple to navigate and offers 2GB of online space for free. Here's how to use it.

Step one
You need to start by downloading Dropbox and installing the software on your machine. Once completed, the software will launch and you'll be asked if you have Dropbox account.

Step two
If you have already registered, tick I already have a Dropbox account. Alternatively, select I don't have a Dropbox account. Next, you'll be required to enter your name, email address and password as well as confirming the name of your machine. Press Next.

Step three
Select the size of Dropbox space you want. We chose 2GB as that's the free option and press Next. Now you can elect between choosing a location on your PC for your dropbox to be stored and the folders it will be synced with or letting the software do it automatically for you. Once you've selected an option, press Next. Your Dropbox will now be installed on your PC.


Step four
To share a file or folder with friends, simply drag and drop that file or folder into your Dropbox. Once the file or folder appears, right-click on it and select Share this folder from the Dropbox menu.

Step five
Now, you'll be required to enter the recipients email address along with an option personal message. Press Share Folder.

Step six
Your recipient will receive an email alerting them you want to share a file or folder with them and then they'll receive a link to access the folder. It's worth noting they'll need to sign-up for a Dropbox account to view the file or folder if they don't already have one.